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You are probably wondering where the Taekwondo curriculum is? You need to download our school app to get there now.  Once you download the app using the link below change the temporary password.   Make sure to change the password. Your credentials for the app have been sent to your email.  If you are not enrolled in our school the app won’t work for you.  Thank you

Your student taekwondo app is ready in google play and apple stores.  All you have to do is download it so you can have all the information you need at your fingertips, voila!

iphone: iphone app here

android: android app here


Yellow BeltChallenge for watching parents and Grandparents!

Okay, so you are sitting watching a class wondering if you may be able to swing a leg here and there.  Suddenly, you feel like you can do it. DO IT! All you can do is try just like all those parents you see on the floor. They were sitting there just like you when suddenly they start kicking the floor secretly.  As they watch the class, went home and practice with their child and feel the power rushing through their vein.  They feel activated, alive, and a rush feeling of wanting to do it and see how it goes for the first belt challenge! The saying goes “you will never be the same”!  So, they take a quick step and knock on the office. cryAre you busy Master Santiago? coolI said: Who-me…naahhh I was just waiting for you. Then the big question comes: cryDo you think I am too old to start? coolYou are perfect to start at any age if you have the desire, passion, and commitment; then you will find determination, perseverance and confidence on the mat and down the road ahead to experience anything.laughingI will try and I will succeed!coolYes, you will! 

DEALING with bullying

Being bullied can leave you feeling helpless, humiliated, depressed, or even suicidal. But there are ways to protect yourself or your child—at school and elsewhere—and deal with a bully.   Arm yourself with information visit: https://www.helpguide.org/articles/abuse/bullying.htm

PRAYER Request

Do you need someone to pray for you- You can  fill out the contact form from the link provided. Your information will remain confidential.  I love their cartoon directory. God bless you and lets get better!   https://www.christcenteredmall.com/prayer-requests.htm

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Ready to Make a Change?

Taekwondo will teach your child to relax more, be humble, courteous, respecful and careful dealing with others.  What students learned here is only to be use when they feel they need to defend themselves against a bully/or predator.  All students are taught techniques step by step and at their own pace.

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