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Make your reservation as soon as you can. We book fast. Birthday cost is $299 for 12 kids, Additional child $15, you bring the cake and we bring the 2 hours full of fun games, pizza, pinata full of candies, plates, forks/spoons, and napkins. Give us the list and we will prepare the birthday cards invitations for the party! Let’s GO!

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Summer Camp flyer registration is out today.  Register now as space is limited, and we will fill up fast! 


We have many programs to get you started.  Depending which program, you choose will determine your monthly tuition payment.  We price each program separately by how long the student will train.   For example:  Basic 12-month program we charge less than than a short term 3 – 6 months or even the month to month program . If you are new to Taekwondo, you should take one free class before you choose to join our school (class value $30).  Your child can try the 2 weeks trial for $89.99 (uniform value $65 included) so your child can feel the whole awesome feeling wearing the uniform.  We recommend at least 2 classes per week (minimum 8 classes).  Don’t worry we won’t charge you $30 per class if you choose one of our programs.  Our most popular program is the basic program which you can pay less than $200 a month.  In all martial arts school to advance to the next rank you will have to take a test. Your master instructor will let you know when you are ready to take a test for your next promotion until you reach Deputy/Junior Black Belt! Color belt testing application fees are separate and they run between $20 – $100 on any martial arts school.  See you soon!

Most people don’t know that there are mental benefits in Taekwondo training. We are helping our community build confidence and self-respect in our Taekwondo school to handle tough situations at home, school, or work.  Taekwondo is an everyday discipline to have more energy, people feel your peace, and you find courage to stand up for what you want.  Taekwondo will help you stay active, helps you learn how to achieve new goals each day, because this sport has the basic building blocks to improve your mental and physical health, as well as improve your mindset and self-confidence. Parents, help your child today to have a calm and renewed state of mind, to ease knowing by changing their “self” with positive Taekwondo exercise and Training. We offer a free trial class. Let’s Go!

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Taekwondo will teach your child to relax more, be humble, courteous, respecful and careful dealing with others.  What students learned here is only to be use when they feel they need to defend themselves against a bully/or predator.  All students are taught techniques step by step and at their own pace.

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