Hello, My name is Master Sung Soo Kim, 7th Degree Black Belt.  Our programs will help your child develop tons of love for physical fitness while learning self confidence, awareness, respect, and self control.  Also, our classes helps reinforce important character traits while they have fun learning!

Master Santiago

Hello, my name is Master Maritza Santiago, 5th Degree Black Belt.   Martial Arts is challenging and  fun.  I’ve learned so many great skills and techniques.  I know the safety skills I have learned will help me for the rest of my life.  I can understand why we have had nothing but highly positive feedback from our parents and students!  I invite you to help us reach out and help one child at a time by giving us your review.  We can only help kids become role models and leaders in our community with your help.  God Bless America and thank You!

Class Schedule

All our classes are age specific.  To know your the correct class look at the age group, belt and time for your child classes.

Attend a Free Class

Call us or register to attend a free class!   You could also sign up for the trial program which includes a free uniform, a few self defense moves and techniques to guide you in the right direction. 

Tiny Taigons (Ages 4-6)

If you are looking for a new activity for your 4-6years old – consider Master Kim’s Tiny famous Taigons program…

Teens, Adults & Family Programs (13 & Up)

You will sweat, work hard, and develop taekwondo skills in a creative, motivating, and fun school environment. 

Children (7-12) & After School Pick-Up

The children program is a specialized age specific program for children ages 7-12.

Birthday Parties

Our birthday parties are fun structure events that kids will remember and talk forever …

Summer Camps

Every year we offer two different summer camps, one in July and August.

School Events

Supporting friends, families and developing strong members in our community…