1.  How  much is tuition?

All our programs tuition are base on the program you choose with pricing ranging from $75 – $189 per month.    As a beginner, we invite you to try a free class, follow with  a generous start up  4 weeks offer for only $69 or 2 weeks $49 (uniform will be included saving you $55).  We believe the trial will help you understand more about our Taekwondo Olympic style, rank structure, and etiquette.   All of our programs are age specific for example children age 4-6 are in Tiny Taigons targeting the child stage of development, thus improving the child physical, emotional, intellectual,  and social and teamwork skills.   In the plus side, many parents appreciate being able to use taekwondo as a tool to find a closer connection with their children and gaining a better understanding of their child’s mindset as they build better skills, self esteem, respect and self confidence.

2. How exactly can Taekwondo  help my child?  Many parents enroll their children in Taekwondo for various reasons, for example to instill positive attitude, to learn to set an achieve goals, give their child direction and hope for a better future,  help them create healthy habits of respect and self discipline, maybe child lacks self confidence or maybe to give child a headstart against being bullied.  By the time your child becomes a black belt, your child will be strong, healthy and confident enough to defend himself/or herself.  The habits learned during training will change your child forever as they begin to see themselves as leaders.

Taekwondo will be a place that will help your child feel more stable emotionally especially when your child is experiencing parent’s divorce or separation, change in school, etc. at least they know that their Taekwondo family will always be here with all his/her friends.   Bring his/her for a free class or sit down to watch as many classes as you want!

3.  Do you think that Taekwondo sounds too complicated for your child?  Think again. As instructors, we are not just teaching
the kids about the physical techniques, we are introducing to the kids to goal setting by putting in front of them small step by step challenges. Helping them to overcome those challenges is where the students grow in confidence. You can see that through the structure of our classes is how we help our students to  develop stronger focus and attention.

4.  About our Taekwondo facility:

Thank you parents and students for helping us keep our  1,800 sqft facility a safe and healthy place to be.

If you or your child is sick, with the common cold, it’s best for both  you to stay home until your child feels well again. If your child has a fever, runny nose, nausea, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, sore throat or any kind of pain, isn’t hungry, or seems extra tired or clingy, your child should stay home.

You also have to be mindful of the chances of getting others sick if you are contagious. Staying home can protect others, while also giving you a chance to recover.   As far as taekwondo payment, you will get credit at the end of your agreement for the paid months your child was absent from his taekwondo training.

Thank You for your understanding and cooperation.

5. How long it takes to make it to black belt?

If you train regularly within 3 years you will get your black belt.  Once a black belt, we expect you never stop improving your life as a person, but continue to grow with a grateful attitude supporting your parents, friends, and teachers who have helped you to make it from the beginning of your journey to your black belt.  The road can take many forms but a good eye, ears, nose, and head above his/her shoulders can help create a brighter future for your kid.  Besides, won’t you rather have your child invest the best years of life learning something that will help them  focus on listening skills when performing a certain drill or task, help your child’s ability to memorize quickly and picking out small details to better recognize what needs to be done? or help  improve the ability to adapt and to remain confident in tough times?  Taekwondo school is more than a school … it is the beginning of many steps.

6. School close dates due to weather: 

If the Lake Stevens school district is affected by inclement weather, strong wind conditions or power outage we are more likely to be close as well.  Please, go to our facebook page icon in this website and click for our latest updates!  

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT 16MAR 2020 :  As a result of the state latest announcement on coronavirus and the temporary interruption of classes, we will automatically be extending all memberships for a duration equal to the time of the closure. We will ensure that you get the full value of the tuition that you have paid or are paying. This is a time of uncertainty for many people and businesses, and we are asking for your support and patience. We appreciate your understanding that extensions, rather than holds and cancellations, will allow us to ensure that our facilities and staff will be available and ready to serve you upon your return.  We are honored by the opportunity to share Taekwondo with your family, and we look forward to working with you again in person as soon as possible.  We will keep communication via facebook, website, texts, phone calls and word of mouth. 

7.  Taekwondo close dates:

2020 Federal holidays/Close dates 

New Year’s Day:   January 1

Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.:  January 20

Birthday of George Washington (President’s Day):  February 17

Memorial Day:   May 25 

Independence Day:  July 3

Labor Day:  September 7

Columbus Day: October 12

Halloween Day:  October 31

Veterans Day: November 11

Thanksgiving Day: November 26-27

Christmas Day: December 22-25

7. Staff Break – How can I make up those dates when the school is closed because of holidays or when the staff is on vacation?  You don’t.  You are not paying for classes when we are closed because of holidays or vacation.  We have already taken into consideration non class days like vacation and holidays to adjust our taekwondo tuition price.   However; if school is open and you are sick you can make up those days anytime when you feel awesome again.   Remember, when you do summer sports we are still here.  Summer is the time to actually invest more time in your forms and techniques to get better since you do not have school work.  To win in the battlefield you have to plan, practice, think faster in switching and making fast moves and decisions that will deliver stunning rusults on testing date.  Keep cultivating your abilities whenever you go on vacation practice your self awareness, know your surroundings, etc… 

2020 Staff Break Dojang closed 

Staff Summer Break – July 6-10 (closed)

Christmas Break – Dec 22 – Jan 1st  (closed)

Our blessing:  Psalm 92:12-13 But good people will grow like palm trees; they will be tall and strong like the cedars of lebanon. Like trees planted in the temple of the Lord, they will grow strong in the courtyards of our God. When they are old, they will produce fruit, they will be healthy and fresh because the Lord is good to them.  May God watch and protect all my taekwondo children wherever they go … May God do great things with them.  Amen.