1. How much is tuition?

All our programs tuition are base on the program you choose with pricing ranging from $85 – $189 per month.    Just so you know, martial arts training in WA State ranges from $99 – $250 per month depending on the school you enrolled.   As a beginner, we invite you to try a free class, follow with  a generous start up offer to get you started 4 week $69 or 2 week $49 (uniform will be included saving you $55).  The offer includes a free private lesson to help you understand more about our Taekwondo Olympic style, rank structure, etiquette, along with a few self defense techniques and kicks.  Our programs are age specific for example children age 4-6 are in Tiny Taigons targeting the child stage of development, thus improving the child physical, emotional, intellectual,  and social and teamwork skills.  There is so much more to taekwondo that you know for example we work on listening skills, on the ability to focus when performing a drill or task, ability to memorize quickly and picking out small details to better recognize the form patterns, the ability to adapt and and remain confident in tough times, and much more… When you call or visit don’t forget to ask about our family training programs.  Is it always good to know how much parents appreciate being able to use taekwondo as a tool to find a closer connection with their children and gaining a better understanding of their child’s mindset as they build better skills, self esteem, respect and self confidence –  Imagine that together!

2.  What is the special offer about?

We offer a 4 weeks trial program so you can see how taekwondo help your child become better well rounded person as you think about joining us.  Also, take a look at how your child respond to martial arts instructions and the major difference between hearing something and actually listening to it.   We help your child create healthy habits of respect, self esteem, setting up goals and how to accomplish them; and you might even find your child wanting to separate himself from those who settle for anything less than excellence.  Can you put a price on this type training that helps  your child hang around highly esteemed people who are constantly picking up the habits of success and self respect?  Remember, birds of a feather flock together; join our taekwondo family and make lots of new happy friends!

3.  How long it takes to make it to black belt?

If you train regularly within 3 years you will get your black belt.  Once a black belt, we expect you never stop improving your life as a person, continue to grow with a grateful attitude supporting your parents, friends, and teachers who have helped you to make it from the beginning of your journey to your black belt.  Your investing in your child’s future knowing that if anything comes up, your child has been trained to make the best choice possible as a black belt.  We are black belts who walk in the path of doing the right thing all the time. Nobody has to watch you to do the right thing – you just do the right thing because its the right thing to do.  The road can take many forms but a good eye, ears, nose, and head above his/her shoulders can help create a brighter future for your kid. 

4.  Dates school is closed:  If the Lake Stevens area is affected by inclement weather, strong wind conditions or power outage we will cancel all classes.  Please, go to our facebook page icon for the latest updates on what’s going on to keep you posted.

5.  Which dates are Taigon Taekwondo closed?

 2019 Federal holidays/Close dates 

New Year’s Day: Monday, January 1

Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.: Monday, January 21

Birthday of George Washington (President’s Day): Monday, February 18

Memorial Day: Monday, May 27 

Independence Day: Thursday, July 4

Labor Day: Monday, September 2

Columbus Day: Monday, October 14

Halloween Day: Thursday, October 31

Veterans Day: Monday, November 11

Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, November 28-29

Christmas Day: Wednesday, December 25

6. Staff Break – How can I make up those dates when the school is closed because of holidays or when the staff is on vacation?  You don’t.  You are not paying for classes when we are closed because of holidays or vacation.  We have already taken into consideration non class days like vacation and holidays to adjust our taekwondo tuition price.   However; if school is open and you are sick you can make up those days anytime when you feel awesome again.   Remember, when you do summer sports we are still here.  Summer is the time to actually invest more time in your forms and techniques to get better since you do not have school work.  To win in the battlefield you have to plan, practice, think faster in switching and making fast moves and decisions that will deliver stunning rusults on testing date.  Keep cultivating your abilities whenever you go on vacation practice your self awareness, know your surroundings, etc… 

2019 Staff Break Dojang closed 

Staff Summer Break – July 1-6 (closed)

Christmas Break – Dec 21 – Jan 3rd (closed)

Our Christmas Party Sat, Dec 21st – We always have a blast with the end of the year awards presented to the students who excel in one way or another during the whole year.