Greetings and Congratulations for taking the first step on your next journey.   We teach the art of Korean Taekwondo and Hapkido self defense.  Soon your child will be transform with a touch of a new culture from our Taekwondo Successful Coach.  We believe that with a successful coach your child will do wonders and will start feeling safe.  We are here to work together with you and to empower your child with a life changing education by building your child self confidence and goal setting skills because enduring traits are much needed by every generation.   Pre register to try 4 classes with this quick start trial:  REDEEM ONLINE Offer 4 classes $49.99  includes uniform:  Click it to pre-register for Class! 

We TRAIN in AIR conditioning! 

VETERANS – Thank You for your service! You will get an additional week free. (veterans only)

WOMEN SELF DEFENSE ClassesPre-register here.  No uniform required. No testing required. 

Let your child see the world through the eyes of a martial artist

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NEXT PARENTS night Out (3 hours) TBA – We will be offering the kids one movie, play time plus a Stranger Danger Seminar.  Cost $15 and $10 second child.  Building memories together. Call to reserve your child spot! 

Lets have fun together in our awesome Martial Arts Summer Camps!  Call in to reserve your spot.  

Our children make have ton of fun with their martial friends.  Camps is over, but we normally run the camps around the same dates next year.

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