Greetings and Congratulations for taking the first step for your next journey.   We teach the art of Korean Taekwondo and Hapkido self defense. Soon your child will be transform with a touch of a new culture from our Taekwondo Successful Coach.  We believe that what works for your child is to choose the right successful coach and school where your child feel safe.  We are here to work together with you!  Empower your child with the 5 C’s of martial arts – let your child see the world through the eyes of a martial artist….   Click it to Register for Class! We recommend 2 weeks trial for only $49 !

Our Instructors are ready to help your child to have the discipline to set and achieve goals through our belt system. This system will enable your child to understand that to accomplish great things he/she must have the discipline, focus and commitment that it takes to towards their ultimate goal (Black Belt).   Taekwondo may not seem easy at first and your child might be tempted to make excuses and tell you he/she want to quit (as he/she had done with other things) however; you must help him/her understand that the decision to work hard, and been able to make the necessary changes will separate them from other kids.  Remember, with practice and a successful coach your child will get better as he/she develop good habits, self confidence, self esteem and the results will be a stronger child. The world around us is changing and your child needs to work on important things to make a difference… children need to work on themselves to adapt to these constant changes now and beyond….

Master Santiago says: Let your child see the world through the eyes of a martial artist & the Bulling Stops!

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