BUSINESS HOURS   (3:30pm – 8:30pm)

MONDAYS THURSDAYS:    3:30pm – 8:30pm 

FRIDAYS:    3:30pm 7:30pm

PHONE:  (425) 397-0405

Private Lessons:  By appointment only 

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EMPLOYMENT #1:  If you are at least a 2nd Dan, and you are looking for employment please make a skill assessment appointment for employment opportunity with  Yong In Taigon Taekwondo.  Call 425-397-0405. 

EMPLOYMENT #2:  If you are interested in working 8 hours a day during our events during the summer time next year (Aquafest, Board Breaking, etc.) please, make an appointment for interview for the 2023 seasonal employment list.

HEAD MASTER INSTRUCTOR:   Master Kim, 7th Degree

Bachelor of Arts Degree in TAEKWONDO, Yong In University

Certified  Kukkiwon Headquarter Taekwondo Instructor/ Sponsor


Admin./Instructor:  Master Santiago

Admin Assistant  Dr. Nina Kim 

Instructor Mr.  John Florio

Assistant Instructor Ms. Kimberly McCormack


The Cadenas Family from Colombia went in full sharing the experience with all of our friends... A FAMILY THAT TRAIN TOGETHER - STICKS FOREVER! Challenge your family to a Fun workout too!