OUR MISSION: Making a Difference in our community one Black Belt at a time as we strive for excellence in all areas of our lives

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Tuition Programs 

We have several programs available all designed to increase your child’s self-confidence, coordination, focus, and discipline during their first month of training.

Basic Programs (Age specific):  Includes the Tiny Taigons ages 4-6, The Children Program Ages 6-12, and the awesome Teens and Adults Program.  All of these programs builds on character traits such as integrity, loyalty, kindness, and cooperation. As you know character is something that grows by the decisions and choices we make and we want your child to have the self confidence and patience to contribute to family happiness. In the basic program we train your child like an athlete building up skills seeing goals happening month after month not “someday” or “whenever.” For any of the programs  Click here to pre-register for 1 free class!

Tiny Taigons Program (Ages 4-6): These age group 4-6 years old grow so fast on us leaving our hearts fascinated.  The more your child practices our focus drills the more your child improves gathering information and knowledge and the better your child will feel growing up with self confidence.  Our program will help develop coordination, listening skills, respect for others, focus, and we do a few gymnastics drills as well.  Young kids are curious and very active and we need to teach them to control their bodies and how to behave.  So, make the decision today, enroll your child right to learn in a supportive and educational environment mini life skills.  ”Let your kid grab this moment before it passes by – and you both will have fun – you watching and your child showing his/her potential and greatness within.

Children Program (Ages 7-11):  Our martial arts fitness program and instructors are dedicated to helping you and your family achieve your individual goals.  That is why martial arts is so popular because whether your goals are self-confidence, self-defense, self- discipline, personal development, fitness or flexibility our school will take you there.  Our reward systems of belt testing, awards, move up to an advance program rewards the student with an increased sense of responsibility and decrease the student willingness to take foolish risks (fights, back talk to parents, or engaging in bad behavior) as your child develops a higher sense of self-esteem.  

Teens and Adults (13 – Adulthood): I believe the primary responsibility for teens is their schoolwork which is an equivalent to a parent’s job. If your teenager is failing in their schoolwork he/she is planting an uncertain future and they will eat what they reap. We must help them out and give them a plan for success.  Your child attitude towards the importance of accomplishing academic excellence need to be challenge. You cannot afford your child be influenced by poor performance.  We will apply the Taekwondo principles and tenets to challenge your child the right way by exercising creative thoughts to fix their attention upon a good mental picture of how to achieve things through our Black Belt curriculum. We are here to give purpose to your teenager and help them become excellent at school and in life. 

Women Self Defense/Yellow Belt Challenge:  No uniform required. No testing required.  This class is accepting new students. Register for this class to get information or call 425-397-0405  If you have registered for this class, we have your information and your name will be on records, you will receive a call or email that your name has been accepted to attend this class.  

Advance Programs:   By invitation Only.  This is where driven individuals chose to go beyond the beginner level. This program includes the Black Belt Club, Master Club, Leadership Program and Demo Team.

Leadership ProgramBy Invitation Only. Mastering your basic techniques and helping others to increase their hands on practice to hone their skills. This program teach you work with teams, develop your teaching and communication skills. 

After School Pick UpThis program is only for students enrolled in our taekwondo program and need to be pick up from school to attend their taekwondo classes only.  We know about the traffic or working long hours can be hard so please, stop by the office to register  your kid for that day, week, or month you be needing the service  giving you that extra time to get here SAFE to watch your kid before class ends.  This is NOT a child care program – but a temporary arrangement so your child can attend class when you need that extra time.

Tuition rates and fees:    Just as you pay  services for a professional lawyer, mechanic, carpenter, painter, or any other sport training camp –  We charge professional rates for our work.  If you are shopping for cheap training & prices to entertain your child this is not the school.    Our regular program range from $130 to $199 per month – (Family discount available) rates depends on which program you choose. We value our time, expertise and our training. We want our children to be able to learn and value their training time they invest here when they make a decision to learn Taekwondo as their sport of choice.  

Your monthly tuition/training  can be charge by auto check enrollment or credit card enrollment.  The first month is paid at the office and later the billing service will take care of your monthly payment. The Masters and instructors teach and the billing company manage the payments so we can pay the overhead, instructors, and other bills.  We love  it this way so we can focus on teaching.  Thank You!

During your first year training expect your child to advance in rank  at least 4 times; each test fee ranges from $45 to $55 getting your child closer to the black belt goal.  Testing is a showcase of the student  abilities and a celebration of their accomplishments. Also, students get exposed to sparring and learn to defend against multiple attackers.   As soon as your child progress through the ranks and achieve green belt a sparring gear will be required to participate in  sparring classes (your 3rd class a week at no additional charge) but don’t worry about this yet. You can sign up month to month, 3 months, 6 months or the most preferred by customers one year for better discounts! All martials arts school conduct tests and charge a test fee to advance students to the next belt level until they reach their Black Belt goal! We hope this information helps you visit our school and try-out one of our programs.  Remember, your investment in your child taekwondo training is temporary, but the benefits of self confidence, self respect, self discipline and knowing how to live an active healthy living life is for ever. 
Our instructors are committed to teach your child to always finish what they started; help them find 5 or more different ways to get the job done (a technique or form) and encourage your child to apply the process to solve school work and obstacles in their lives.  Your child will be put through the test of staying positive even if things do not go exactly right in their first effort in class or else where.  We will keep repeating over and over a technique, drill, kick and their korean pronunciation for them to pick up memorized words and meaning.  We are big fans of the phrase Never Give Up!  Why? Because we know that when the child give up too soon without putting up a good fight it is likely that this behavior will remain into adulthood as an easy way out.  You know this yourself, in this world everyone will have obstacles to overcome and your child will understand that patience and understanding are keys to improve not only skills and self control but that challenges will help them see through close doors.   The Taekwondo journey will have a positive impact in your child’s life.  Some say this journey is priceless!  I believed it.  It is the beginning of an indefinite search  inside your heart  that seeks preparation and endurance for ones’ life journey.

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Yong In TAIGON TaeKwonDo

Mission Statement: Making a Difference in our community one Black Belt at a time as we strive for excellence in all areas of our lives following the Tenets of Taekwondo because enduring traits are needed by every generation. We are here for You!

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