Snow, School closure or No classes:  We will announce here when our school is closed due to weather, holidays, staff vacations, conference,  school event or competitions as announce in classes! Check our parent’s page for closed dates:  

     October:            Closed  Halloween Thurs  31st 

Did you know that we have AFTER SCHOOL PICK UP. This program is only for students enrolled in our taekwondo program. You work and because of traffic or long hours you cannot make it to take your child to Taekwondo on time.  Leave it to us. We pick up your child from school and bring to attend his/her class.  Please, stop by the office to register for our after school pick up program.   

 We have awesome offers for the entire family – Come train with us! 


As RETIRED ARMY recruiter, SFC/E7 Master Santiago would like to help the Navy meet its staffing needs by recruiting men and women who would be good candidates for Navy service to our country. As someone who have worked with recruiters of all branches, I can provide answers to questions and guide you with information about benefits available to you such as money for college, excellent health care, travel, first time home buyers VA certificate, and the much desire valuable job training. Did I mention room and board FREE!

It is for this reason that I have contacted Mr. YU WEN CHEN, a local navy recruiter to help explain benefits to potential enthusiastic who have been thinking about joining the military; or need help getting a waiver to get back in for those with prior military service .  Feel free to talk to me Master Santiago to make an appointment with Mr. Yu Wen Chen (425) 295-5285 in this office to help you get started on your future military career.  I served 21 years!  Once a soldier, was a soldier, always a soldier and still proud of it.

Master Santiago