On Fridays 5:40pm

AFTER SCHOOL PICK UP (No pick up until further notice)

This program is only for students enrolled in our taekwondo program and need to be pick up from school to attend their taekwondo classes only.  We know about the traffic or working long hours can be hard so please, stop by the office to register  your kid for that day, week, or month you be needing the service  giving you that extra time to get here SAFE to watch your kid before class ends.  This is NOT a child care program – but a temporary arrangement so your child can attend class when you need that extra time.


Right! Someone said what that means? If you really want something, want to achieve something, be a successful person, have a better life, enjoy life more, have the freedom to decide your income and spend more time with the people you love…. then NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams.   Every step you take to make yourself more knowledgeable  will open up more doors of changes and possibilities to make a difference not only in yourself; but others.  Hear that voice inside you that is trying to guide you, is yelling let me out, don’t stop here, keep going, give me a chance and I will prove it to you.  I am that voice that will help you become,  achieve, and believe in yourself.  You have to believe if yourself if you want the NEVER GIVE UP energy inside you to come out.  Remember,  whatever you want to create, built or become in this world always have internal references. Look closely inside of you – take action!  Don’t look back. Yes, keep moving forward because your journey is more than ups and downs. 🙂 


Memorial Day –  No classes

A time to Honor USA Heroes 

Many sons did not come back alive 

to enjoy this FREEDOM we now have!

To those serving & those who served

Thank You For Your Service…

I too, believed in Freedom!


Service:  1979-2000


July 4 th Careful with the Heat!

STAFF BREAK!!! NO classes   (2-9 July) 


We have awesome offers for the entire family – Come train with us!