Yes, we are accepting Martial Arts Summer Camps registration for 2023 for our school members only (non school members $49 registration fee) Every year we offer two different summer camps, one in July and August.  To reserve your rate and spot, all you need is to stop by the office and pick up the registration form.  Your child will be physically active, developing valuable live skills and having fun with people who genuinely care about them and their success.  Children Summer Camp ages 6 – 16.  Bring swimwear, towel, dobok, nun-chuck, a brown paper lunch bag, snack & water.   We have many activities planned: Hiking at Snoqualmie, Lundeen Park swimming, Lynnwood Olympic swimming pool, ice caves, character development, collecting rocks at the Mulkiteo beach, funtasia games, bowling, origami & Snohomish library trip, Everett playground etc…  Cost is $299 each child   ($330 after June)   

Martial Arts Birthday Parties for 2023  Our birthday parties are fun, structured events  that kids remember and talk about for months!  There is  mini class instruction so your child can show off his awesome skills to his friends at the party!   You bring your child special birthday cake, and we provide everything:  Pinata full of delicious candies, pizza, juices, snacks, plates, and spoons.   A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to book a date, and will be credited to the cost of $299 + tax for up to 12 kids, and $15 for each additional child.  Total time 2 hours.  Minimum age must be turning at least 4 years old.  Best part – you don’t have to clean up – we do all the clean up!   Don’t forget to tell all your friends to try our program. Watch a kid birthday party click it- Birthday Party!

Children Movie Night (clickit)

This is when kids can have their own social movie night and have the time to communicate with one another making movie night a night of fun with friends who think alike.  We will also present Stranger Danger seminar to the kids.  

Parents Night Out (clickit) TBA 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Did  you say night out without the kids? Yes!  Go on a date with your husband, but do not shrink the kids, just bring them over and let them have a night out too.  Just remember to pick them up on your way back home!  Dates posted in our school bulletin board. 

Sleep Over Night- (TBA) – This is your chance to go on a dinner show, treat yourself to the movies or renew your strength at the Spa with a massage.  Dates posted in our school bulletin board. 

 DAD Show me your POWER!  2020 FATHER’S DAY

Halloween Party (clickit)

Student wear their halloween costume all week long and participate in the costume contest which ends with a potluck party.  Meet the rockstars, and all kinds of iconic movie characters at our halloween  party.  Dates posted in our school bulletin board. 

2017 Christmas Party  (clickit)  We had an amazing 2022 Christmas party!

 This is the time to give up one’s very self and to think of how to bring the greatest happiness to your family, friends, and others.  That is why we want to invite all of you to join together, bring a small gift exchange, bring your best dish to share, and just let us enjoy one another as a big family. 

2018 MOM and Me kicking up a notch! (clickit)

Lets loosen up a little ladies and take a free class with us. Husband watches the kids and you come over to have FuN!

 2019 NW Competition (clickit)

We encourage our student to participate at least once in state competition to learn more about the arts and meet new friends. You can participate in Poomsae (forms), Creative Poomsae, Board Breaking (kyupa), Sparring (Gyoroogi), and Demo Team competition.  Dates posted in our school bulletin board.   We normally participate in 2-3 competitions because our students love the experience and challenge. 

PICTURES:  CLICK here for our Biggest Winners! 

Aquafest Children Parade

2019 Governor Cup competition Awesome Job

2019 NW Pacific Competition

2018 Aquafest Grand Parade

2018 Camas Competition

Competition Part 2

Parents Night OUT!

Mom & Me Kick Up a Knotch

Blake BlackBelt Test

2017 WA TKD Open                                 

2017 WA NW Competition             

2017 With our friends                    

2017 Picnic Lundeen Park              

2017 Christmas Party                     

2017 Black Belt Test                        

2017 Demo Team in Action            

2017 Seattle PD at Taekwondo