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Summer Camps

Martial Arts Summer Camps during July and August (non-school members $49 registration fee) To reserve your rate and spot, all you need to do is to stop by the office and pick up the registration form.  Your child will be physically active, developing valuable live skills and having fun with people who genuinely care about them and their success.  Children Summer Camp ages 6 – 16.  Bring swimwear, towel, dobok, nun-chuck, a brown paper lunch bag, wear tennis shoes on hiking days, snack & water.   We have many activities planned: Hiking at Snoqualmie, Lundeen Park swimming, Snohomish or Lynnwood Olympic swimming pool, ice caves, In school character development, Mulkiteo beach collecting rocks, Funtasia games, bowling, origami & Snohomish library trip, Everett playground etc…  Cost is $299 each child ($330 after June).  

Summer Camps are always a SOLD OUT!

Martial Arts summer camps are full of surprises!

Birthday Parties

Martial Arts Birthday Parties are fun that kids remember and talk about for months!  There is mini class instruction so your child can show off his awesome skills to his friends at the party!   You buy your child a special birthday cake, and we provide all the fun including:  Pinata full of delicious candies, pizza, juices, snacks, plates, napkins and spoons.   A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to book a date and will be credited to the cost of $299 + tax for up to 12 kids, and $15 for each additional child.  Total time 2 hours.  The minimum age at least 4 years old.  The best part – you don’t have to clean up – we do all the clean up!   Don’t forget to tell all your friends to try our program. Watch a kid birthday party click it- Birthday Party!

Birthday parties are on demand!

Kids love their martial arts parties.

Parent’s Night Out

This is when kids can have their own social movie night and have the time to communicate with one another making movie night a night of fun with friends who think alike.  Lots of fun things to do for them as they get to talk to all their instructors about their life stories.  They will have mat chats with the Master, and talk about Stranger Danger situations.  Movie Night click here

Choose Fun and Safe Taekwondo Fitness.

A full 3 hours without the kids on Friday night? he, he, he…laughing

Parents Night Out is always a homerun!

Parent’s Fun Class

Choose Fun and Safe Taekwondo Fitness.

Join the Community

Ready to Make a Change?

Taekwondo will teach your child to relax more, be humble, courteous, respecful and careful dealing with others.  What students learned here is only to be use when they feel they need to defend themselves against a bully/or predator.  All students are taught techniques step by step and at their own pace.

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