United We Stand –  We Can Make a Difference!  
NEVER give up!  Are you practicing your forms?  Practicing the forms every day at least twice will help re-organize the brain, and reinforces the patterns that identify each form from another acting against the natural loss of learned skills (focus, concentration, memory, initiative, self confidence..etc) So, Masters say keep the good work!  Also, since the covid19 change the way businesses doing business, please sanitize your hands or wash your hands with soap to avoid the risk of spreading germs when we practice self defense techniques.  Thank you so much for doing your part.   Remember, if you are sick stay home. Is not fun to do exercise being sick. 

Class Schedule below



NEXT COLOR Belt test  falls either on the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month!



NEXT BLACK BELT test is tentatively scheduled for 12-13 May 20023