United We Stand –  We Can Make a Difference!  
NEVER give up!  Are you practicing your forms?  Practicing the forms every day at least twice will help re-organize the brain, and reinforces the patterns that identify each form from another acting against the natural loss of learned skills (focus, concentration, memory, initiative, self confidence..etc) So, Masters say keep the good work!   Please, connect with us via online zoom classes for now.  Thank You!

The safety of our students is our greatest priority so at the dojang everyone will practice and maintain social distance 6 feet apart from one another, your temperature will be taken, you must wear a face mask,  stay on your designated marked spot, and to keep our studio clean after each class we have 10 minutes between each class time  to sanitize all areas properly.  Please, when entering wait till the person in front of you hands are sanitized, and assumed designated training spot.  All parents must  wait in their cars  as we test our “soft” re-opening procedures.    We keep hosting zoom training to keep you progressing towards your next rank until you are able to get back inside our Taekwondo School and look beyond any future obstacles!  Thank you for allowing us come into your own home.        

Learn steps we are taking..click here

Please, wear a face mask when you visit us. Thank You