Always Trust Your Intuition when you do a Fabulous Friendship (Fab5)  inventory:

(1) Who are the five people you currently spend the most time with?  Write it down and create your first Fab5 dream team.

(2)  Who are the people in your life that are negative and put you down?  Let them go.

(3) Who do you want on your Fab5 dream team?  Revise your list and next to each person’s name write a brief sentence how you view them and what role they play in your life.

(4) Take RELEVANT action:  Spend the next five minutes contacting your Fab5 dream team.  Plan a get together meeting and be there for one another!

(5)  Tell them what you are up to and how you want them to help you in your next project, trip, meeting, personal assessment, change, prayers, personal ideas, etc… Just make sure that

you do not share your personal baggage. (Everyone has it, and only God can help you change) Eventually you will see a new you and you’ll be amazed at how you grow with your Fab5 support.

Master Santiago